Welcome! The medieval fantasy world of Last Chaos awaits you! Choose one of 9 different character classes and discover the war-torn continent of Iris! Master your class by choosing a class specialization and become a hero!

  • Find new friends in an active community, battle other players and even become a castle lord.
  • Join other players in one of the many community events organized by our community team.
  • If you are an explorer, delve into the dungeons and raids and grab some loot.
  • Or level your pet, evolve it and ride it into battle!

The choice is yours…

Last Chaos is a fantasy MMORPG from Nako Entertainment and Aeria Games that takes place in a land affected by two warring factions. Players can adventure with six different classes, create parties and guilds, craft, and have pets. Last Chaos is free-to-play with an item shop.


  • Six Classes | Choose from the Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Titan, and Sorcerer classes.
  • Upgrade Your Gear | Obtain Upgrade Stones by fighting monsters, purchasing them from other players or the item shop, or participating in the Sunday Quiz, and improve your equipment.
  • Lots of Pets | Find pets and mounts like horses, dragons, polar bears, jaguars, pandas, and succubi.
  • Parties and Guilds | Join or create three types of parties or become part of a guild to participate in Castle Sieges and other guild events.

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In the action-packed free2play MMORPG Last Chaos, suffering, betrayal and war await you in the fantasy world Iris.

Dive into the dark world of Last Chaos and decide for yourself which way to take: Become the hero of Iris, defeat all your opponents with no mercy, create your own unique items or become the most feared player on your server!

Choose from nine different character classes and develop yourself according to your preferences

Explore challenging dungeons alone or in a group

Experience action-packed PvP battles in the Chaos-, Castle- and Guildbattles

Enter the first Ultimate Last Chaos Server

Create unique items with an extensive craft and trade system

Train your companions in your preferred style with a manifold pet system: ride, battle and gain experience with your pets