New Zone: Strayana

In the most recent update for Last Chaos, a new state of the art zone has been introduced called “Strayana,” for players above level 80. Players who have achieved the milestone level can see a slew of new monsters, new items and will eventually come complete with a high level dungeon.

Clouds sca...

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Get a Gift Key!

We have partnered with Aeria Games to bring you a cool and exciting promotional offer for their free to play MMORPG Last Chaos! We have 10,000 keys that will give you some cool in game items, totally free! All you need to get your key is your free account!

What is in the free gift? Check ...

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Last Chaos to Expand in Europe

Leading European MMOG publisher gamigo AG announces the upcoming release of the successful action role playing game “Last Chaos” for additional European countries. In addition to Germany, players from France and Spain can look forward to the game, which will enter closed beta test around christmas...

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Two New Pets

The land of Iris has been introduced to its newest generation of pets. The pets, a cat and mouse-like creature dubbed Scra-Chi and Ichi respectively, have been long in development, and long awaited by the Last Chaos community.

These exciting pets will add a brand new dimension to character customiza...

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Phoenix System and Major Update

Aeria Games Last Chaos U.S.A. is proud to announce their first major steps into the building of an “End” game empire. Coming early January Last Chaos will be receiving a slew of new content for both old and new players...

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